Zidmall.com reviews (2023): Scam or legit?

Are you thinking to buy clothes or the latest fashion items from zidmall online store located at zidmall.com? If yes than be careful zidmall.com is not a trustworthy website to buy with. This review article will show you all the facts and proves you need to know before buying anything from this online store. So, before buying anything from the Zidmall site just read out this review article till the end.

Is Zidmall.com legit or scam?

It is not a trustworthy online store to shop anything. Zidmall.com commonly known as Zidmall or Zidmall com is a doubtful online shop that sells a collection of products like t-shirts, socks, jeans etc. There are a lot of drawbacks of this online store which makes it suspicious to buy from it.

Things to Know before buying from Zidmall.com

Hidden Business Address:

There is no business address provided by the site. In their contact us page you can only find a map that locates the US (United States) and not a pin drop place. This makes the site dubious as a shopping website has no business address. 

No Customer Support:

This online shopping website has a very bad customer support system. The e-mail addresses listed by the site for the European customers as “SALES@BESTOFCUSTOMERSERVICE.COM” and for the US (United States) customers as “mona2022@fbagonline.com” are completely fake as you will get no response if you mail them any issue. Even the site has not provided a contact number. As a result, customer cannot contact them in any way.

Zero Social Media Presence:

There are no social media links listed by theshopera.com on their website. The store has no official Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account. The reason for this might be that the store is afraid of being exposed in all these social platforms.

Domain Registration:

The website was registered recently on 23rd August 2022. The site has not even completed a single year. This is doubtful as most of the scamming websites uses new domain names for their website.

Suspicious Discounts:

The website offers high discount prices which are not believable to be true and serves a an alert showing the site is a scam.

Review on Internet:

The website has been rated very low (14.2/100) by scam-detector.com and advised not to shop anything from this site .There is very less information available for this site on the internet.

Copied Contents:

Most of the contents, product and images of the Zidmall.com are stolen from other websites.

This is a popular way of scamming by phishing sites. They shows product as original, but at the end customers receive cheap and bad quality products which has no means to return.

Pros and Cons of Zidmall.com:

The website has a valid ssl installed.There is no business address listed.
The website is user friendly.The website has a very bad customer support system.
N/AThe website has no social media accounts.
N/AThe domain of the website is newly registered.
N/AThe contents of this website are mostly copied from other sites.
N/AThe website has a very low trustscore.

Video review :

Final verdict :

After researching a lot by our team we have come to a conclusion that you should not buy from this site. This online store is not trusted at all it has a very low trust score, the site has no social media accounts, and no official website address is listed. So, after analyzing through each and every aspect we will advise you not to order anything from the zidmall.com the rest is your decision.

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